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NONRTRIC - A1Sim - Add Definition of Enumeration EnforcementStatusType


      This needs change to be applied to STD_2.0.0. The implementation from v2.2.0 can be adapted to v2.1.0.

      I can see that these properties are implemented in our A1 Simulator for OSC_2.1.0. However, they are not mentioned in the specification for STD_2.0.0 (ORAN_A1-p_V2.0.0_api.yaml).  Therefore, our A1 Simulator spec for STD_2.0.0 is not spec-compliant and will need to be updated.

      Please see below spec from https://oranalliance.atlassian.net/wiki/download/attachments/223445045/O-RAN.WG2.A1AP-v02.00.docx?api=v.
      Table Enumeration EnforcementStatusType

      Enumeration value Description Applicability
      ENFORCED equals that the policy is enforced  
      NOT_ENFORCED equals that the policy is NOT enforced  
      UNDEFINED equals that the enforcement status is not known  



      The enumeration EnforcementReasonType represents the reason why notification is sent (e.g. why enforcement status has changed). It shall comply with the provisions defined in table

      Table Enumeration EnforcementReasonType

      Enumeration value Description Applicability
      SCOPE_NOT_APPLICABLE Scope identifier cannot be applied The scope provided can no longer be applied for enforcing the policy
      STATEMENT_NOT_APPLICABLE Policy statement(s) cannot be applied The statement(s) can no longer be applied due to other changes
      OTHER_REASON Any other reason Policy can no longer be enforced for other reasons than scope or statement becoming inapplicable.



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