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NONRTRIC - A1Sim - Add Definition of statement type QoeObjectives


      This change needs to be added to STD_2.0.0. Please see below spec from https://oranalliance.atlassian.net/wiki/download/attachments/223445045/O-RAN.WG2.A1AP-v02.00.docx?api=v.


      Table Definition of statement type QoeObjectives

      Attribute name Data type P Cardinality Description Applicability
      qoeScore number "C" "0..1" mean opinion score (MOS) value between 1 and 5,
      it can be either e.g. video MOS as specified in [16] or a customized MOS
      initialBuffering number "C" "0..1" refers to the time in seconds between the initiation of video playback by the user and the actual start of the playback as specified in [16]  
      reBuffFreq number "C" "0..1" it can be calculated by taking the number of stalling events (excluding the initial buffering) and dividing by the length of media as specified in [16] or by a customized time window  
      stallRatio number "C" "0..1" ratio of the sum of duration of the stalling events to the total media length as specified in [16] or by a customized time window.  

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