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NONRTRIC - A1Sim - sendstatus needs to return HTTP code 204


      In our implementation of /sendstatus, we return HTTP code 200 and not 204. We are returning the json test parameter, when the message body should be empty.

      Please see below spec from https://oranalliance.atlassian.net/wiki/download/attachments/223445045/O-RAN.WG2.A1AP-v02.00.docx?api=v.          Policy status update

      The operation to provide policy feedback is based on HTTP POST. The URI contains the target resource for policy notification handling. The notification content is represented in a policy status object that is included in the message body and can contain one notification.

      The procedure is used to notify about an enforcement status change of a policy between ‘enforced’ and ‘not enforced’.

      Figure Policy enforcement feedback procedure.

      The procedure is as follows:

      • The A1-P Producer sends a HTTP POST request to the A1-P Consumer. The target URI (notificationDestination) identifies the sink for policy notifications. The message body contains a policy status object.
      • The A1-P Consumer returns the HTTP POST response with “204 No Content”. The message body is empty.


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