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      We used python rmr library to consume the data from other componets

      We noticed that there was memory leak in python version of rmr library (rmr_torcv_msg function).

      RMR versions tried : 4.3.x and 4.7.1

      (thoralf removed some profiler output from here as seems not relevant)

      Initial analysis of what needs to be done under this bug report:


      (1) memory leak in line 41 of xapp-frame-py/ricxappframe/rmr/rmrclib/rmrclib.py (memory allocated by _rmr_get_consts() is expected to be freed (as allocated with strdup() in line 159 of rmr/src/rmr/common/src/wrapper.c ). Possible solution: change signature of _rmr_get_consts() so that caller can pass in caller-allocated buffer and buffer length). Or provide rmr_free() method for this memory. The memory is allocated in strdup(). Or have globally-allocated memory for this (we know the size in advance anyway, but if we contiue generating it on first use we might have a multithreading issue).

       Thoralf: I now split off the second bug into this item: RIC-862



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