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Add rnib functionality to xapp-frame-py


      Currently, e2node information is saved at SDL after e2setup precedure by e2mgr.

      The xapp that wants to send the subrequest must be able to read these information.

      The goal of thid issue is add new APIs xapp-frame-py to manipulate these information.

      This functionality is already merged to xapp-frame & xapp-frame-cpp


      • approach 1

      Add ric-plt/nodeb-rnib repo as a submodule of xapp-frame-py and compile .proto file to .py file at jenkins build time

      • approach 2

      Compile .proto file to .py file manually at development time


      approach 1 looks more elegant, but I don't have write permission to jenkins.
      Let me know if you have any good ideas.

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