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      Ref: Approval:
        O-RAN-SC TOC 20221006 Item #3.a.i
      Ref: Request:
        O-RAN-SC TOC mailing list


      As part of the NONRTRIC project’s work for G Release, to support the emerging R1 Interface, we request a new code repository to upload seed code for some functions we have been studying/prototyping/testing during the E, F and G releases.

      We request a repo nonrtric/plt/sme (“NONRTRIC Platform: Service Management & Exposure”).

      This repo is planned as the home for our work on R1 Service Management & Exposure. (Even though the R1 Spec is not mature yet).

      The work is based on the long-running study/prototyping work described here: [ Release G: Coordinated Service Exposure|https://wiki.o-ran-sc.org/display/RICNR/Release+G%3A+Coordinated+Service+Exposure]

      All code in the repo will be covered by the standard Apache 2 license.

      Committers & (initial) contributors will come from Ericsson Software Technology, but we welcome others in the community to also contribute.

      • PTL:
      • John Keeney (johnkeeney): Ericsson Software Technology
      • Committers
      • Henrik Andersson (elinuxhenrik): Ericsson Software Technology
      • Patrik Buhr (PatrikBuhr): Ericsson Software Technology
      • Kevin Timoney (ktimoney): Ericsson Software Technology
      • Bjorn Magnusson (BjornMagnussonXA): Ericsson Software Technology



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