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As an O-DU L2 developer, I want to create F1AP module based on F1 interface APIs and develop them as per the architecture defined



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      [ODU High-A-F316] Develop O-DU F1AP interface manager


      Following F1 messages will be taken up for Bronze Release:

      • Initial UL RRC Message Transfer
      • UL RRC Message Transfer
      • DL RRC Message Transfer
      • UE Context Setup Request
      • UE Context Setup Response
      • Filling of all optional IEs in F1 Setup Request, GNB DU Config Update

      Following F1 messages were partially implemented as part of Amber Release:

      • F1 Setup Request
      • F1 Setup Response
      • GNB DU Config Update
      • GNB DU Config Update Ack

      Following F1 messages will be taken up in release after Bronze Release:

      • F1 Setup Failure
      • Error Indication
      • GNB DU Status Indication
      • Reset
      • Reset Ack
      • Notify
      • GNB CU Config Update
      • GNB CU Config Update Ack
      • GNB CU Config Update Failure
      • GNB DU Resource Coordination Request
      • GNB DU Resource Coordination Response
      • UE Context Setup Failure
      • GNB-DU initiated UE Context Release Request
      • GNB-CU initiated UE Context Release Request
      • UE Context Release Complete
      • GNB DU Config Update Failure
      • GNB-CU initiated UE Context Modification Request
      • GNB-CU initiated UE Context Modification Response
      • GNB-CU initiated UE Context Modification Failure
      • GNB-DU initiated UE Context Modification Request
      • GNB-DU initiated UE Context Modification Confirm
      • GNB-DU initiated UE Context Modification Refuse
      • UE Inactivity Notification
      • F1 Removal Request
      • F1 Removal Response
      • F1 Removal Failure
      • Network Access Rate Reduction


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